The 3rd & Long awaited TT release from our good friend in Sydney, Thomas William, best known as Cleptoclectics.


01. Yojimbo
02 The Pearl
03. Sticky Sunshine
04. JHA
05. Andromeda
06. Acid Overweight
07. Plains Drifter
08. Fakes & Ladders
09. By Proxy
10. History Shock
11. MGM Grand
12. Key Cutting
13. Cliques (w. Peon)
14. SOMA 2602

UPDATE: In light of the recent Remix EP (Soon to be available from Thomas’s Bandcamp feat. remixes from Galapagoose, Dro Carey, Guerre, Wooshie, Oscar Keysung, Pimmon etc), we figured it’d be a good time to re-illuminate the original with a cassette reissue. Features two bonus remixes and deluxe reissue artwork on recycled card.