01. Armani Slums
02. Bank Loot
03. Dipper
04. Jumanji Crackden
05. Hamishi (Skit)
06. Mustachio
07. Honey Spoon
08. Dunk Hunk
09. Laker
10. Bathub Adventure
11. Koi Herb
12. Havana Banana
13. Lucky Gums

The long awaited follow up to his 2010 mixtape “Mohican Beats”.

Electric Sea Spider (aka Jim Sellars) Began recording Supercash in early 2010 whilst living in a shoebox room at what was shortly This Thing headquarters. Jim would be working away in secret with headphones on, occasionally you’d hear snippets but you could never place when he made this music amongst his usual routine of watching cartoons, hanging with his friends and eating a lot of hommus.

*Limited edition CD comes with two unreleased bonus tracks.