01. Simulacrima (3:02)
02. Sleeping surfaces (5:25)
03. Mind (3:35)
04. Twink (3:14)
05. Oxyacetylene (4:01)
06. Tailings (3:07)

 A new body of work from Beyond Solutions (formally known as Javed de Costa) for This Thing available on limited USB Business Card & Digital formats. Javed’s a musician who has also worked with videos, events, and spatial occupations. 

“…so much of the brutality of the world is obscured by aesthetics and utopianism. Everyone knows that the world is unsatisfying, but the ubiquitous promises and images of simplicity and satisfaction and utopia just become more seductive in the face of that, like it doesn’t seem to matter if we know they are not real. I feel like I have to hold these two realities together, not just deny the impulse to utopianism. Sometimes engaging in utopianism seems more like survival than indulgence. It’s been a necessary way of surviving anger at queerphobia and racism, to sublimate or channel that into intellectual or aestheticised versions of itself that have some force-fed utopian quality.’ 

I wanted to make this record sound mostly really clean, and like a finished product, but with an internal tension that upset that, upset the desirability of that finished product. A connection between these sanitised images and what they promise, and the harshness of what underlies them and the psychological trap of those promises – the insincerity of advertising, its long term preconscious effects, some way of surviving that…”

Physical purchase of this EP features additional custom alarm tones for your mobile device.
Release date: 01/10/16