Dylan Michél Mix for NTS Radio

This Thing – 19th April 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Hyperborea – Elegant Blue 3 “Messianic Rising”

Third and final instalment in the Elegant Blue Mix series from Hyperborea AKA James Tom.
Abstract forward thinking electronic and post-psychedelic music mainly from the late 70s.

Download Elegant Blue 2
– A Slight Return

Download Elegant Blue 1

Kane Ikin “Outsider Mix 2”

Kane Ikin – Outsider Mix 2 (LPC#5)

Clair De Lune – Debussy/Tomita (KI Edit)

Contrail – Kane Ikin (dub)

Behind The Radiators – Mika Viano (KI Edit)

Memories from when I grew up – Fever Ray/Subliminal Kid (KI Edit)

Whole Lotta Love – Led Zepplin (KI Edit)

Incantare – Solo Andata/Kane Ikin (KI Edit)

Live unreleased with Bob Dylan interview – Kane Ikin

Recorded for – La Petite Compagnie

Electric Sea Spider "Money Gods"

Electric Sea Spider “Money Gods”


Electric Sea Spider
Out late November

naps "Aquarium Smoothie Meditation Jams"

naps “Aquarium Smoothie Meditation Jams”

Download MP3 – Aquarium Smoothie Meditation Jams

Nap’s mix for Earthly Matters on Subcity Radio Glasgow

Mike Kay "Suburban Cinema"

Mike Kay “Suburban Cinema”

a “proper” mix of


from Melbournes MikeKay.

naps "Forestry Commission"

naps “Forestry Commission”

A free release in the form of a collection of edits by Naps. A 7 minute tape of mesmeric and misshapen natural rhythms, performed and recorded live.


naps "Potentials Unlimited"

naps “Potentials Unlimited”